Allegory of the Cave

I would like you to read the following story. It can be a little hard to understand so don’t sweat the small stuff (don’t try and understand every word or phrase!), but work your way through it, and take your time to consider what each sentence is telling you about the people in the story.  If you find it easier to print and follow along then do so.  Think about what ways of knowing (sense perception, reason, language, faith) play an important role in the story. When you are done look at this video which shows the same story and consider answering these questions for your blog:

  • What does this story say about what we know today?
  • What does it say about what we may may or may not know in the future?
  • To what extent does this story comment on sense perception, reason, language and faith as a way of knowing?
  • Was this story surprising in any way?