Something to ponder…

Just in the process of reading my blogs tonight I came across this nice, short and inspiring video about humans and knowledge. I encourage you to watch it, and ponder what it means for any of our knowledge, not just the knowledge of extra-terrestrial being.

  • Will we ever truly know?
  • Are we looking in the wrong places?
  • Is it ever possible to know too much about a particular subject?

One thought on “Something to ponder…

  1. One of the reasons why I believe that we haven’t found any other life, or any other life has found us for that matter (if it does exist). Is that we are limited by the means that which we attempt to communicate, which is with our radio based communications. We can only communicate at the speed of light, and the sheer size of the universe has prevented us from probing any further than about a hundred light years away from us.

    The sheer scale of the universe is difficult to comprehend, and we are limited by our technology.

    Chances are we will discover something, after all according to the Drake equation, there shouls be other life forms in existance. (

    Unless we find a way to probe the universe at a speed faster than the speed of light, I doubt that we will find anything, at least in my lifetime.

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