The Truth? You can’t handle the truth!!!

Happy New Year! Things were definitely slow in December so to being with let’s look at some fun facts. Here are some interesting stories from the ether, and they things that we often see, but do we really think about what we’re seeing? Are we really conscious of the details. As you read these stories think about the truth that lie behind them.

Please read the following (sometimes fun news stories):

Answer the following by creating a list for each of the stories:

  • Identify which facts are likely true
  • Identify which facts could be true, but there is reason to doubt
  • Identify which facts are likely untrue – those doubted out of hand

Write about these in your blog and defend your choices. When you are done with everything find your own news story (whether video, print or other) and consider the answers to the questions here (if you want this could easily be split into two blog entries).

You might be very interested in watching this as well. Consider the following – are we really interested in the truth – or only what we want to know? Do we create our own bubble and take the knowledge that we find and fit it into what we already know for fear that it might really cause us to rethink what we are doing (think of our society’s approach to environmental issues for instance).


4 thoughts on “The Truth? You can’t handle the truth!!!

  1. To me, the only one that seems plausible is Clint Eastwood turning down Superman and James Bond. I can believe this, as he has focused more on westerns and more realistic roles. However, they could also have created this story because he hasn’t done any comic book hero movies simply because he was filming another movie at the time, and was too busy to work on two films.
    The Justin Bieber one I doubt. He probably is tired, what with the concerts and everything, but if he had truly collapsed, it would have been on more entertainment news sources, and the only one I’ve seen is an article showing off his new haircut.
    I don’t believe the Duggar one, either. She has 19 other children, so I don’t think she’d be willing to leave them. If they don’t believe in contraceptives and there’s a dnger to her having another baby, I think they’d be more likely to just abstain from the baby-making for a little while.
    For the Paris Hilton story, this is just building off of her cocaine bust a couple months back, where it was foiund in her PURSE, not her lady business.
    The “pharma parties” one is doubtful, simply because they don’t really have alot of evidence to prove it. Their facts are speculation from therapists, and they just seem to be sensationalizing stories about a FEW kids. It seems more of a news story stations come up with to get people to watch the 11 o’clock news. I think there are parties that go on like this, and kids do get addicted and can die from this, but it does seem a little sensational.

  2. I was really interested at first at the contreversy and mystery that seemed to surround the articles. But at the end of the article, they always said something about the rest of the article being in their magazine, which would involve you buying it… And i know along with journalism comes the selling of headlines, we all know that thats their real goal with gossip tabloids. I think that it is likely true about Paris being in possesion of drugs of some sort, but that the only believeable section. Because she was busted for that a little while ago, bit i doubt the other facts of the story. I know alot about celeb news, so I think a scandal like this would have been reported to other sources. I think she probably has her own plane as well and would not need to fly commercial.
    The Clint Eastwood thing, I pretty much think that story sounds a little less sketchy. They quote him as well. I think that he probably is offered tons of roles he doesnt think he needs, but here is less sensationalism here… I guess in general from the other stories they are all based on some truth. Otherwise if they had no backstory or slight truth, people would dismiss them. But you can really tell that the real pourpose of the articles is to make money and sell coppies. So i think: Paris Hilton (less likely), Clint Eastwood (maybe), 19 kids (maybe), Justin(less likey), pharma parties (less likely). The stories are filled with contradictions, I guess just read critically and check your sources before you believe it.

  3. Paris Hilton: I think that her taking drugs is acceptable but I don’t really believe that she goes through airport security by the ways mentioned. The fact that she actually demonstrated how she disguises the use of drugs from security can be true but I don’t think she would that comfortably demonstrate it in from of him. She probably would have thought about the matter leaking and she getting charged for it. I think that the fact about Paris demonstrating they way she disguises her use of drugs to Simkins is doubtingly untrue.

    Duggar Mom: I think that it’s unrealistic to say that she will be happy to die for another child because why would a person want another who she probably wouldn’t see. Also how will husband accept though knowing that she will die. I think that its really unrealistic for a person to say that she will be happy to die for another baby but will not go through another way which might save her and her baby. I really think this is really confusing and sometimes I think people that are religious leave it up to god to save their lives.

    Justin Beiber: This article is quite sensationalized and also Beiber loosing 10 pounds would be all over the news because he is really famous. Also Justin Beiber is very popular and there is no way he is exhausted by his work as he is the one that chose to do what he is doing.

    The Pharma parties are just showing few cases but though teens do drugs most of them know their limits and they try to stay in their limits. I think the fact that parents don’t even notice what their kids are doing is just vague as how can’t parents sense that their kids are high of drugs. I think that its true that teens make choices to be cool. It’s all about trying to fit in, in a certain group.

  4. I don’t think that any of the stories are plausible except for the Clint Eastwood and maybe the Duggar one. They all seem to be fairly melodramatic and sensationalized, and I’ve never heard of any of them from any other resource.

    Hilton: It may be true that she trafficked drugs (she has in the past), but it seems unlikely that she would show the “seller” how she would hide them or hide them so intricately in her body. I don’t think she would fly commercially (at least not with drugs)– she is a billionaire after all. And the book from which the article took information from doesn’t seem too reliable: the title alone suggests a gossipy, “best-selling”-type novel which is dramatized to sell copies.

    Clint Eastwood: Although the article tries to make Eastwood’s refusal to the Bond/Superman roles sound like a big deal, the article seems to be true. All actors have personal preferences, and will turn down some roles and take some. There is nothing too wildly improbable about the article, it even has a couple of (realistic) quotes from Eastwood himself (not “a source close to Eastwood.”)

    Bieber: I don’t think that the Justin Bieber story is true at all. An unidentified source close to the boy reveals that he is on the brink of nervous breakdown? Fishy. I think that if it were really true, a source “close to him” would have the tact not to reveal it. The brevity of the article is suspicious, and the super-melodramatic ending (“success will destroy him”) does nothing to improve its credibility.

    Duggar: This might be true. I think its likely true that she’s already had 19 children since TLC apparently has a TV show about it, and while it seems rather harsh that she would try for another child even though she’s developed a disorder which could kill both her and/or her child during her next pregnancy, I suppose its possible. If she went through with 19, it seems plausible enough that she may go with another. Though the article itself seems quite sensationalized, I think there may be some truth in this article.

    Pharma Parties: Largely relies on anecdotal evidence and very few statistics in the article. And the article generalizes the occurrences of a very, very small sample of people to a huge demographic. The advice of the professionals seem very vague and unfocussed, based on guesses, almost. Not very credible.

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