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Some of you have responded to my previous post and have been very sure that what I presented to you in that post was art. It should be pointed out however that that particular installation has little that could be seen as a controversial topic. What happens, however when someone’s presentation includes things which are decidedly controversial, and which provoke extremely strong emotions from people?Emotions that lead, for instance, to demands to restrict access to the installation. What happens if the presentation deals with nothing out of the ordinary, or nothing at all?

Are these three examples art? If so, or if not, who decides?

Mother and Child Divided (displayed at the Tate Gallery – London in 2007) – please read the information from the ‘texts‘ tab.

Fountain (displayed at the Tate in 2008) – please also read this article about the origins of this work.

4’33 (shown on BBC Four) – you can also find out a little bit more by reading this

A note about the selections I made:

There are many extremely controversial pieces of art. I could have chosen from a huge number, but I had to chose ones for this entry that would be somewhat more respectful of the nature of our environment at school, I tried to chose ones that would provoke but not offend. In the end it was extremely hard, because if I chose not to use some, was I in a sense censoring what I thought you should see. It was not a feeling that I was terribly comfortable with. You should consider this as well when making comments, and realize that there are some far more controversial ones that exist.


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